Although a tooth infection may seem pretty minor to some, it’s a major thing to me!  I almost feel guilty about making such a big deal about it.  But this stinky thing has sent what feels like infection throughout my body.  Yikes!  It does not feel good!  I’m on a different medicine now that is making me feel bad.  So I’m looking for the good in all this mess I am going through with it.  Some things I thought of these last few days are:

It’s a blessing to know that others are praying for you, just knowing they care.  Thank you to everyone!

It brings joy to my heart when I find a little sticky note from Andrew that says, “I hope your tooth feels beter.” :)

It melts my heart hearing my boys pray for me.  And every night A & E always say, “Have good dreams, I love you, goodnight…” and then attach something cute or funny at the end.  That something this last week has been, “and I hope your tooth feels better!”

Losing my appetite with the new medicine.  That’s never a bad thing.

Getting a $10 gift card from Target for my first Rx and a $25 gift card from CVS with the new prescription.  Hee, hee, I’m pathetic.

Just trusting God in the little things, and knowing He does care.