We had a busy but fun week in Art Class.   It was put on by Mr. Stebbing from How Great Thou Art curriculum and art classes.  He was so wonderful.  He was a great mix…full of love for God, love for children and a love for art.  But he was also strict and required the proper respect from the children.

We all learned a lot!  We learned art appreciation, beginning drawing, beginning painting, and a introduction in techniques and methods with colored markers and colored pencils and paint.  Fun stuff!

Mr. Stebbing and Andrew

They had homework! Andrew was doing his self portrait here.

3 other children from our co-op went with us

Sunflower that Andrew painted

Do it if you ever get the chance, although I would love to have Rich Davis come for a class next time.  I am going to work on the in the next year or two for sure!