We were planning a trip to Ohio yesterday.  Literally at the very last minute Ethan gets sick.  He had acted tired a little earlier, but I just thought that was it…he was tired.  I thought he might get a good nap on the way to Ohio.  I had all my bags packed and sitting by the back door.  I went in to have them get their shoes on and saw Ethan on the couch.  I took his temperature and it was high.  So I called my mom and gave her the bad news.  We were staying home.  I was so bummed!  We didn’t do any school yesterday, so we had to double up today.  I think I am getting whatever Ethan has, so I haven’t been feeling good today.  But you have to go on!

Spelling tests are every Friday.  Andrew is doing really well.  I am so glad his handwriting has improved!  Every week if he gets 100% on his spelling test, everyone gets in the treasure box.  I bought the treasure box a while back from the Dollar Tree. I fill it with little dollar surprises from Target or other things I get at a really cheap price.  So it’s nothing major, but it has always motivated him!  This week they chose some Valentine candy hearts filled with M&M’s (cheap after the holiday!).

They counted them, sorted them and made fun pictures with them.  Then they were mostly eaten!

Andrew’s new favorite cartoon is Jacob Two Two from the Qubo station.  He showed up to surprise Andrew during school.  Andrew laughed and laughed.  They colored all the characters I had printed and made puppets out of them.

We did our other school work, had lunch and then headed outside.  Spring really on its way!  They were thrilled to be out there.  They jumped right on the playset.  Andrew says, “I can’t think of anything else right now but swinging!”  I was so glad to hear that.

A true sign that Spring really is on its way!  Oh how I love to see this!  We talked about plants and what a miracle Spring really is.  New life God gives us!

Enjoy some pictures of my sweetie boys!