Nothing too much to report here from our weekend.  We didn’t do a whole lot, mostly due to the fact 50% of us have colds!

It was a beautiful one…lots of warmth and sunshine.  The boys played and played outside!  Daddy had some work to do outside and around the garage.  I was able to get a lot done inside with them being out.  I have my hallway all ready to paint, did a little work in the living preparing for a paint job this spring and started on refinishing a dining room chair!  It’s amazing what a little weather can do for motivation around here.

A friend made my Monday.  She dropped a bag of Dove chocolates and a sweet card in my mailbox.  That was a good start to my week.

We started our studies on the country of Mexico.  This will be a fun one.  I will probably drag it out until Spring Break and talk about Easter in Mexico.

Tomorrow Papaw comes again to watch the boys.  It’s my dreaded root canal re-do.

I hope you all have a great week.   Spend some time with your Savior.  It will be worth every second of it.