Earlier this evening I heard Andrew asking Samuel, “Samuel, do you want to do the love club?”  I went in to see what this “love club” was all about.  They were chasing each other and tackling each other for hugs and kisses. This is what it looked like…

Have I told you how much I love having lovey dovey boys?

And I love having a father-n-law to take such good care of my boys for 5 hours!  He knew my mouth would be all numb, and it was!  He made fun of me about the way I had to talk when I called him.  So he had the boys all trained to talk funny when I came home from my dental appointment.    I stopped by the creamery and got him a bottle of their chocolate milk.  I told him I should knock him on the head with it first!  :)  Thanks, Pappy! My appointment did go well.  I’m all fixed up, for a while at least!  God was there with me calming my fears.  I know He was because I was a shakin’!  I quickly felt calm as I started to pray asking Him to meet me there.  Thanks for your prayers and emails, everyone!