Andrew had his first job yesterday evening.  It was “being in charge” at our Wednesday night Bible study.  Our group meets in an open office space each week.  The adults are in one corner, and the children are in the other.  Usually there is a teenage girl there to help out, but this time Andrew was the oldest.  So our teacher asked Andrew to be in charge.  They did super.  At one point I turned around to see Samuel wandering off a bit away from the table where Andrew and Ethan were coloring.  I heard Andrew say, “Samuel, come here.  Now you need to obey!”  It was pretty cute.  So after class our teacher gave Andrew a $10 bill.  Andrew’s eyes lit up!!

Andrew has been wanting to save up for an r/c airplane.  I reminded him that this was a huge blessing from the Lord to get him closer to getting that airplane he wants.  We started talking about it in the van on the way to a friend’s house (she loaded us up on groceries before they go on vacation!).  We talked to him about this being a great time to tithe on what he had earned.  We talked a lot and he listened carefully.  He told me this must be an answer to his prayer.  I thought for sure he would tell me he had been praying for money!  But he told me, “I prayed last night, Mommy, that I wouldn’t think about things too much, but I would think about God more.”  I about cried!!  We came home and got Ethan and Samuel to bed.  We spent some one on one time with Andrew sharing our hearts and our thoughts on tithes and offerings.  We explained what a tenth was using math with his other dollar bills.  He understood well.  He chose to give some extra, as well.  It was a very special time of teaching.  This is what it’s all about.

I tucked my big boy into bed.  Ethan was completely out of it.  I kissed him and went in to say goodnight to Samuel.  He was asleep, too.  I just sat there watching him, singing one of his lullabies that was playing and cried.  This was the chorus of the song:

He loves you more than I can say
And He is always taking care of you
He love you more than I can say
And more than I can say He hopes
That you will love Him too

Bedtime Prayers by Twila Paris

I cried tears of joy, feeling overwhelmed at what a huge and special responsibility Chad and I have.  Our strongest desire is to raise our three young boys to be godly men.  I love seeing their hearts now.   They are on their way.  All glory goes to Him, but we thank our parents for having a such a part in that.