We had an enjoyable weekend.  Most of it was spent right with each other.  That’s the best.

Friday evening we did our usual pizza and a movie.  We watched An American Tale.  The boys hadn’t seen it before.  We have been getting some old cartoons like that lately, and they love it.  I would much rather them watch those cute older shows!  We got started on a Lego helicopter Andrew had that night.  We had originally build it into a scorpion last spring, but he wanted to make it into a helicopter this time.  So we started gathering pieces…sorting through the gazillion Legos they have…

Saturday morning I got up and fixed cinnamon rolls.  Ethan has been begging for them to have for just us because I am usually making them for someone else.  I made them in my roaster!  Our oven isn’t working right.  Hopefully it’s just the cheap sensor part Chad got today.  But the roaster worked well!

We went to Chad’s mom’s Saturday afternoon for a most of the day visit.  We had pizza and watched another fun old movie she had bought called So Dear To My Heart.  It was such a cute movie.  We all enjoyed it. We also just enjoyed the lazy day.  We came home late Saturday evening.

The kids went to bed and Chad and I started on the helicopter again!  We worked together and had a lot of fun together, just me, him and the Legos.  We laughed at ourselves thinking our boys must be hearing all the Lego rattle noise.  We even had to sneak in their room with a flashlight a couple of times to find pieces!  Chad is a Lego maniac.  I played with them quite a bit as a kid.  So have boys that love them, well, we’re all over that!

We all made it to church on time, although is was difficult to get up.  I will appreciate that light evenings, though!

We spent most of Sunday afternoon doing more Lego building!  We completed the helicopter (it runs, too!), the yellow airplane (from a different kit) and started on another airplane last night.  Of course, Ethan and Samuel were busy making little creations of their own.

I think we’ve gone Lego crazy.  But oh, how it’s worth it to see those smiles!  And it was sweet quality time spent together.  Those kit pieces were everywhere, but we were able to all work together and celebrate each time a missing piece was found.  I’ll never forget this weekend, as crazy as that may sound.