It’s officially Spring!  Our weekend started a little early.  Thursday and Friday were just beautiful!  We did get our school work done Thursday, played outside for a bit and then headed for the country.  We met Nana at her house and headed to their county’s fairgrounds for a little kids fair.  They all kinds of exhibits, games, animals and lots of fun things to climb and play on.  They had a blast.  Here are a couple of pictures, although I took a ton more with Nana’s camera and don’t have those yet!

We left to go to the Mexican restaurant.  We thought that would make another fine field trip to go with our Mexico studies!  It was a great day.  We got home late and went straight to bed.  I love these days when being outside wears us out.  It feels so good.

Friday I got a call from my sister saying they were coming for the evening!  I wasn’t prepared at all, but so excited that they were coming for a visit.

We got our school work done.  Then we went to a friend’s house and got some fishies for our pond.  I love my pond and can’t wait for plants to start growing all around it and in it.  Just having the fish make me excited!  The boys love their new pets.

We came home and I managed to get the house looking pretty good, and even made a dessert.  We met my sister and her family at a restaurant as they were coming in.  It was so great to see everyone and visit.  They came back to our house.    We had such a fun time.  The kids had a blast together.  We rented a movie and just hung out.  I didn’t get any pictures!  My bro-n-law is a truck driver, so he prefers driving at night.  That’s good, because they left about 3am!! on Saturday morning!  We all completely crashed, and I was surprised everyone made it that long and was happy!  God was here, that’s for sure, blessing our visit together.

We all slept in late, of course, on Saturday morning. Chad delivered his mom’s table to her that he refinished.  She was surprised to see him there after she got off work.  I painted my hallway.  A & E got up at 11, and Samuel slept until 230!!  Andrew told me he didn’t think we should do that again because we lost so much of our Saturday!  We did some work outside in the yard.  I love their gator.  I had them hauling all kinds of stuff to the firepit!  I rewarded them with a sherbet treat.

Chad took A & E Saturday evening to fly airplanes and helicopters.  Samuel and I stayed home.  I think he sometimes enjoys a bath by himself!

Sunday was a nice and relaxing day.  We had a guest preacher come that spoke about finding Joy in the Lord.  He’s a precious and sweet older man.  He lost his wife last year suddenly right in their home.  They have parented 70 children over the years.  Wow.  It was a good message for all of us to hear.  We may say we are happy, but true joy comes only from the Lord.

It’s a rainy Monday, but I love to see the grass getting so green.

We will conclude our Mexico studies in these next few days.  I want to focus a little more on Easter towards the end of the week, then it’s Spring Break!