We are continuing our studies with Galloping the Globe.  We have had a fun couple of weeks studying the country of Mexico!

We mapped the country and the capital city.  Then we watched a video on Mexico called Global Wonders – Mexico. I had bought several of these for cheap at the beginning of the year!

We painted flags of Mexico.  Samuel really gets into the paint!

This is a Betty Crocker "Warm Delights" bowl that make great paint bowls! I got them for free with coupons. :) The kids love them, and I just love to recycle containers!

We talked about the mission trip Chad and I took to Mexico.  I made a notebook with pictures and other memories from that trip.    It was such a fun time.  We still keep in contact with our friends there.  The boys enjoyed looking at the book.  My how Chad and I have changed!

We watched some Spanish music videos on YouTube.  I think their favorite was this funny one! We also watched a few videos on Discovery Education.

We went to a huge Mexican market in the city with a friend who is of Mexican descent.  She helped us pick out some fun things to try.   Andrew thought he was really in Mexico!  They were really intrigued with all the odd things they saw…cow tongue, whole fish, pig’s feet, cactus in a jar.

We came home that evening and made a delicious meal!  I made tortilla chips served with homemade salsa I had frozen last year, and fajitas with this lovely piece of skirt steak bought from the market.  We even had lime tea, which we loved having in Mexico!

We read Saturday Market.  It’s a great book about the open-air markets in Mexico.  Great illustrations, too!

Then we looked a few books on Mexican foods.  We made Watermelon Fresca from the Funky Chicken Enchiladas book.  We made Mexican Wedding Cakes from the book called The People of Mexico and Their Food.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant with Nana.  Andrew has lots of chips and three tacos!

Andrew was exposed to quite a bit of Spanish.  I remember quite a bit.  They always thought that was funny when I would speak it.  Also, Andrew had a couple Spanish lessons with his co-op class.  That worked out well!

We made a yarn bowl from an idea in this fun book.

For lunch one day I made PB&J Enchiladas.  I got this idea from the DK First Atlas.

We made a super easy and quick pinata.  Take a paper lunch sack, have your children decorate it, fill it and voila!  They loved it!  I filled with confetti, mints, chocolate and money.  Bless Mexico for giving us chocolate!!  We hung it in a tree and let the boys take turns.  After about 5 hits, it finally busted open.

We celebrated Easter in a fun way I remember doing in Spanish class!  Cascarones! They loved blowing out the eggs, decorating them and especially cracking them on each others heads!  It was a great way to conclude our study on Mexico!

Favorite Literature Picks:

The Old Lady and the Birds

Going Home

Butterfly Boy

A story from the Usborne Stories From Around the World mini book

Reference Books:

A Look at Mexico

First Reports – Mexico

Countries of the World-Mexico

People of Mexico-South of the Border

I think we could do Mexico for the rest of the year!!