Ethan pulled this picture out the other day.  I thought it was great timing.

I’ve always loved Easter!

It gave me a good laugh.  It also made me miss my brother.  We were such good buds.  We are only 13 months apart.  Most people thought we were twins.  We still are very close, but of course time and miles have seperated us a bit.  He’s pretty special to me.  He has a huge heart that loves his family and is completely sold out to Jesus.  He has been my counselor many times.  And he still teases me like only a brother should do.

The bond between siblings is a neat thing.  That’s why I love to see my boys love on each other all the time.  Samuel told me that he love his brothers “forever” just this afternoon.  I hope they stay close and stick together, not just as brothers, but as friends.

I’m gonna go call him.