Our Spring Break started Friday!  We are happy to be free and have some fun for a whole 10 days!

Friday we went to the Nature’s Workshop and got a few things, including a birthday present.  Our neighbor called and wanted to meet us at the Monster Mini Golf.  So we grabbed some lunch at Wendy’s and went on.  We had a great time!  It’s all dark and under black light.  Everything glows, even our teeth.  It was really neat in there, but it did scare my little boys a bit.

Friday evening all 3 boys went to a friend’s birthday party.  She told me to leave them and go out with Chad.  OK!  So we met for dinner and walked around Lowe’s, pricing some landscape stuff.  It was a lovely evening away.

Saturday we met at our temporary church location and headed out to invite people to our Easter service.  We had a great turn out.  My boys did a fantastic job hanging those flyer bags on doors.  They didn’t complain one bit, and we walked a whole bunch!

We met back for lunch at the church.  I ordered a whole bunch of sandwiches to feed everyone.  We pray the Lord blesses our efforts, even if one family comes out of the 1,000 papers we passed out.

Andrew went to another friend’s birthday party.  We ran a few errands that afternoon.  That evening we rented a movie and had popcorn (since we missed our pizza/movie night) Friday!  We watched The Princess and the Frog.  Good movie.  The boys loved it.

For Palm Sunday we had the children walk in singing a simple Hosanna song, waving their palm leaves.  It was precious. And so are these two…

After church we had some friends over for lunch.  Great time together.  I fixed Pioneer Woman’s apple dumplings.  Oh my, they were good.  You can’t afford to have those more than like once a year!

Today has been a pretty relaxing day.  Andrew has a friend over to spend the night.  When I asked Andrew what he wanted to do for his break, this was his only request!  They have played and played.  We had an egg hunt out in the front yard this evening.  They watched a movie and had ice cream and popcorn.  We’ll see how much sleep they get tonight!

Tomorrow we will go to a park to play and have a picnic.  So this week will be some fun things around here for our break.  We have several things planned.  I’m just enjoying the break.  It’s amazing how much school is a part of our lives!  I’ve had some time to plan our co-op Easter party, though.  And speaking of our co-op…see some fun recent field trip pictures here.

Oh, and I’m gonna throw this one in just to make you smile back!