Oh how I can have more and more of these fun and lovely Spring days.  It was another beautiful day here.  A great day to have an Easter co-op party!  We all met at the church this morning.  We played games, did some crafts, had some food and then had a fun egg hunt.

I was talking to one of the gals about how thankful I am that we are together.  We are all so much alike in our parenting styles, but more importantly the spiritual relationship we share with our Father and in turn, with each other.  They are gifts from God!  I will post some more of those pics on our co-op blog.

We came home and went straight out to play.  Well, I went straight in to bake a cake.  We actually baked it in our neighbor’s oven.  Ours is dying a slow death, I think.  Anyway, because God has surrounded us with such great neighbors, the cake turned out well.  Ethan went a little crazy on the decorating.

Mamaw and Papaw were coming to celebrate Easter with us.  We had some cleaning and getting ready for that.  They arrived here just before Chad got home.  We grilled out and enjoyed a nice evening together.

We had some time to play a little more before it got completely dark.  I can hardly take the preciousness of this picture…

We came inside and got out our Resurrection Eggs and the book, Benjamin’s Box.  That’s a great way to go through the story of Easter.  The boys always enjoy going through the eggs.  It always leads to some awesome conversation about our relationships with Christ.  It’s so amazing to me what they understand, and how much we can learn from the faith of these small children!  They believe these simple truths.  Why can’t we just take Him at His Word?  My prayer is that they will believe it and walk their lives in faith.  It really is simple.  Not easy, but simple.

I love Easter.  I love the spring time.  And I am loving this break.