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We had a different, but enjoyable Easter this year!

Saturday morning we got up and colored eggs.  They turned out pretty well.  The boys always love doing them!  We attended our niece’s 1st birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  That evening we hid our real eggs and also gave each other Easter baskets.  I got a lovely one from Chad!  It had some really nice things in it and I really loved the basket!  The boys had a blast going through theirs.  They will filled to the brim with all sorts of different things.  Then we had fun hiding eggs for two of the neighbor teens.  Our neighbor boy that’s 15 found all his gag eggs in the dark.  It was pretty funny.

Sunday we went to church and had a nice service.  My boys looked pretty cute in their new polos.  Chad looked pretty cute, too!  :)  After church us and three other couples met for lunch.  From there we ran home and then headed to our other church location for a service there.  I did a few activities for the children, including an egg hunt.  It was the most beautiful Easter weather!  We were on our way home when our friends from church called and asked us to come for dinner at their house.  They grilled out and had all kinds of other yummies.  We hid cascarones and had tons of fun finding and cracking those!

So although it was different than usual, it was a great day to celebrate with friends…to celebrate the only reason we have an Easter!  Christ is risen and in our hearts today!  Thank You, Jesus!