We had a great time at Andrew’s 7th birthday.

I love doing birthday parties!  I thought I would share all my pictures and ideas for someone to use.  The more personal party pics and info will come in a collage later.  :)

The invitations were for a general race party…purchased from a party store.  April/May in the Indy area is a great time to buy that sort of stuff!

Here is the birthday guy all ready for his party.

This was our party area.  The decorations came from the party store.  I scored a deal on most of the items.  I used some Nascar toys my boys already had.  I put a blue rope light on the table for a fun effect.  We had red, yellow and white with checkered flag balloons.  Andrew likes Jeff Gordon, so we did more decorating with that in mind.

We served Papa John’s pizza, chips, fruit, and of course cupcakes and ice cream.

The treat bags were red sacks from the party store.  I designed little name tags and stuck them on the bags.  Here is the pdf for that: Treat Bag Tags

The insides of the treat bags included:  snack bag of Oreos (tires), Nascar toy (Dollar Tree), a Pop Tube (pulled apart really fast sounds like a race car going by!) and candy treats.

The cupcakes were simple, but cute.  I made a confetti cupcake, iced it with an almond buttercream icing, rolled them in sprinkles and added the little flag.

As the children arrived, we made little Nascar driver’s licenses.    I had pictures of the kids already on each license.  We filled in the rest.  Then we laminated them, punched a hole in the top and then tied a cute ribbon on it.  They loved it!  (I smudged out the info on this little guy’s)  Here is the file for that: NASCAR Driver’s License

The games were fun.  We had a little obstacle course set up.  We had the children pair up.  One child would be the driver, and the other the crew chief.  The driver put on the driver’s outfit (Nascar outfit from Halloween, hat and sunglasses).  They ran up the stairs of the playset with their crew chief right behind them.  They each had to grab a race track seat pad (I used these on my bar stools before the games…purchased for cheap at a yard sale last year!) and slide down the slide on it.  The crew chief had to push the driver in and out three cones and then stop at the pits.  I had a gas can for them to fill up the gas (I had them “glug” 5 times).  I also had a drill that they had to pretend to fix the tires.  Then they went through to next three cones to finish with a friend waving the checkered flag.

The other game we played was called Musical Race Car Drivers.  My neighbor friend made these up for me.  I printed them and slid them in sheet protectors.  We put them on the ground and had the kids race around them to music.  When the music stopped, they stood on a driver and called out the driver’s name (with help).  It is played just like musical chairs, having one less sheet than number of children.  That file is here: Nascar Musical Drivers

So a really fun theme for a party!  Everything was fairly easy and I was able to get most things pretty inexpensively.

Let me know if you have any questions!