Andrew received a frog pet from a friend of ours.  They have a lot of them out at their creek and have kept many of them as pets.  So Andrew took one home one day.  I wanted to do a study on frogs, so this was the perfect time!  We thought he was fun, and didn’t really know what to do with him.  Andrew didn’t know what to name him, so Ethan named him “Puppy”.  He really meant to say “Froggy” but the name Puppy stuck.  Well, Puppy didn’t last but a couple of days in his little container.  He escaped.  I wanted Andrew to put him out in our pond, but he wanted a pet.  No more Puppy. But he was a good study for those few days we had him.

We read a devotion in the Five Minute Devotions for Children book.  I love this book and the other one that follows this one!  It talked about Eggs, Polliwogs, and Frogs and how they change.  “God makes all things grow and change.  Just like the polliwog, you will get bigger and grow stronger.  One day you may even be as tall as your Daddy and Mommy.  Every day you are learning new things.  God has wonderful plans for you as you grow up.”  It references Luke 2:52.

We made a lapbook on frogs.  It turned out well.  All my information came from Homeschool Share’s frog lapbook.  That’s such a great resource!

Most of our learning was reading books.  Frog books we read:

Frog Counts to Ten

One Frog Sang

Froggy Series Books


Frog (Watch Me Grow)

Growing Frogs

From Tadpole to Frog

and more!!

I also made a Frog File Folder Game for Samuel to play.  I laminated the pieces so they will be good for a while!

We watched some Discovery Education videos on frogs.

And we played Leap Frog, of course!  I got these little round place mats at a garage sale…5 for $1!  Perfect for little lily pads!

So we started about 3 weeks ago.  We did most of it in the first few weeks.  It has continued somewhat lately.  We were supposed to go to  a class on frogs at the library.  A naturalist from a nearby nature park was going to be there to do some fun things.  But…we have all had an ugly stomach bug and missed that and the Frog Fest at the park.  Boo.

So all in all we had a hoppin’ good time!