The boys have had lots of playmates this week.  A friend from church came Monday and spent the night.  They had a blast together!  Another friend came over yesterday.  We’ve also had two different neighbor boys around.  One is Andrew’s age, the other is Ethan’s age.  But they all play together, just being boys.  Andrew’s new favorite thing to do is riding his skateboard, or rather attempt to ride it and look cool carrying it around.

We watched Andrew’s hermit crab change shells.

We’ve acquired tadpoles for our pond.

Our last day of school is tomorrow!  Our 160 Horizons lessons will be complete.  Hooray!  I have some fun learning planned for the summer, of course.  But our main curriculum is done!  Some ideas for our summer are:

Bees – with a field trip to a honey farm

Butterflies – lots to do with this one!

Science experiments, including a week of Goo!

And lots of planning for next year!  This includes organization!

But most of all, we are looking forward to the break!