My boy doesn’t drink milk.  So he gets on different cheese kicks.  The one he has been on for quite some time now is string cheese.  He calls it “white cheese”.  So the other night during prayer time Samuel prayed, “Thank you for macacroni, fruit snacks, and thank you for white cheese, and lots of white cheese.”

He also loves Daddy’s tea and he has always loved and sang the song “How Great Is Our God” with all his heart.  The other day he asked for tea, opened the refrigerator and starts singing, “How great is Daddy’s tea, Sing with me, How Great is Daddy’s tea!”

I made some homemade taco seasoning that ended up a little spicier that what my boys are used to.  I asked Samuel why he wasn’t eating the meat and he replied, “Because it will make my mouth turn black!”  Haha, I guess that’s because he feels it “burning” his mouth.

And while putting him to bed tonight, Samuel says while hugging me tight, “You’re my favorite thing!”

So stinkin’ cute.  I love this boy.