Another fun unit study we are finishing up this week is Butterflies!  Here are some things we have done the last two weeks:

Complete Unit Study – A great resource.  We used several fun things from this!

This is from “Monarch Miracle” out of the book  More Five-Minute Devotions for Children:

“Who could imagine that a big, striped caterpillar would ever become a graceful butterfly?  Just like the caterpillar, we are becoming what God wants us to be.  Sometimes it’s hard to wait to grow up, but we can trust that God will help us every day.  He promises He will always be with us and He tells us How to live in the Bible.  When we believe Him and do what He says, He helps us grow and change in all the right ways.”

Our scripture verse for this study was Jeremiah 29:11, so I made this to print out and put in our school area.

We made a butterfly from a Chick-Fil-A toy I had saved from a while back.  The boys enjoyed the game we played.  We each took turns hiding the butterfly on different flowers out in the yard.

We used some great butterfly life cycle stages figures from a friend of ours.  She purchased them from here.

She also gave me some great worksheets and fun books to read on butterflies.  Thanks, Vicki!  I think we will do more of this sharing stuff!

I also had purchased some glow in the dark butterflies and bugs from the Target dollar section.  I hid these in the dark.  They loved the creepiness of finding them glowing in the dark!

We read the book God’s the One Who Thought of It First.   We love this book!  “You can use a straw to drink from a glass.  But God’s the one who thought of it first!  He made the Butterfly.  The butterfly’s mouth forms a long sucking tube for drinking nectar from flowers.”  So we drank through straws just like the butterflies do!

We painted wooden butterflies purchased from the Dollar Tree.

We colored some butterflies from a little Stained Glass Coloring Book.  We hung them in the window.  So pretty!

More books we read:

Are You a Butterfly?

The Crunching Munching Caterpillar

The Beautiful Butterfly Book

Millions of Monarchs

When A Caterpillar Grows Up


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! with audio CD

I’m a Caterpillar

Andrew has asked to learn about lightning bugs next!