We had a really relaxing week.  Not a whole lot planned, which was nice.  We just enjoyed being around the house, mostly.

They enjoyed some window writing with window crayons.

Ethan and Samuel flew kites.  Well, they ran as fast as they could to get their inflated kites to float behind them.  Too cute.  I could watch that all day.

We enjoyed watching many different birds out our front window.

They played “camping” when I had the couch moved around to hang pictures.

Andrew had a blast creating with his Glow in the dark Fun Fusion kit.  He did that all day one day!

Andrew had a 4H meeting one morning, so I took Ethan and Samuel to the park to play.

We went swimming at Papaw and Nana’s.  We had a blast, but I didn’t take my camera!

We had a picnic out in the yard.  I was amazed at all the food they ate.  I might have to get a job.

We went to Half Price Books and cashed in our summer reading gift cards.  We got six books and three book lights for $1.03!  We picked up slushies at Sonic and went into Chad’s work for a visit.

So it was a good week!  We did some learning about fireflies and will post more about that later.

Have a great weekend!