Summer is a great time to learn about fireflies, or lightning bugs as I always called them!  We had a fun time during this unit study.  There isn’t a whole lot out there for this study, so I hope I can help gather some information for you!

Backyard Nature has a fun page on fireflies.

The boys loved singing “Fireflies, Won’t You Come Out Tonight” from this album.  It’s really cute and it teaches some great facts about fireflies!

We had a lighting bug party for some neighbor friends.  I had scored a ton of free Ziploc containers a couple of weeks ago, so I put name tags on each of those and drilled holes in the lids.

I strung some lights around the back porch and around my pond plants.  It actually looks really fun!  The boys caught lots of fireflies.  I served ice cream.  It was a good kick-off for our firefly studies!

We made a life cycle wheel fromthis page from LapbookLessons.  I laminated it after we glued each piece on, then used a brad fastener to put it together.  This little booklet about fireflies’ light is a good way to explain bioluminescence.  And some Firefly Vocab words here.

I printed some clipart and had the boys paint fireflies, with glow in the dark paint of course!

The verse for this unit study was Psalm 27:1.   I made The LORD is my light and my salvation printout for our school area.

I couldn’t resist buying the Lightning Bugs Gummi candies I saw at Kroger.  The boys loved that surprise one evening!  And I always love those little surprises God gives to us!

Books we read:

Fireflies in the Night


Fireflies, Peach Pies & Lullabies

Fireflies, Fireflies, Light My Way

Ten Flashing Fireflies

Fireflies for Nathan

The Very Lonely Firefly

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