We had a great week with my niece and nephew.  Lots of fun and lots of pictures!

Monday we went to Chad’s dad’s house to swim and hang out there.  Bekah loved their dog, and she loved her!  We had a fun day there.

Tuesday we went to a local park for their Lunch Bunch program.  They received a great lunch, and I didn’t have to worry about feeding them!  Then they played at the park around the creek.  They had a blast.  After that we went to Sonic for some cold slushies.

Wednesday we had to hang around here most of the day because we were getting new gutters.  After dinner that evening, we went to the RC flying field and to Wiggles for a fun treat.

Thursday we got up and pretty much went straight for the pool.  Our dear friends at church have opened their pool to us again this summer.  We are so blessed.  It is just so beautiful there!

Friday we went to ChickFilA for their Cow Appreciation Day.  We all ate for free!  It was pretty funny with all of us in our cow masks.  Matt was thoroughly embarrassed.  But I think maybe he thought it was worth it in the end.  Maybe not.  Heehee.  We had fun and made a memory!  After lunch we went to another park to play.  We also walked some trails.  After getting nice and hot from that, the kids decided they wanted to go swimming again.  So over to the pool we headed!  The family that lives there was going to be out of town all weekend, so we had Chad meet us there after work.  We ordered pizza and hung out until dark!

We played lots of board games, Wii games and watched some fun movies together.  They were Lego and Playmobil maniacs.

I made a photo book for them to take home.  I teared up putting the pictures together.  This was a special week that was about to end.

Saturday we ran around town and did some shopping.  My sister and brother-n-law came later that evening.  We had dinner together.  The kids begged to go swimming again.  This time it was dark, so we had all the lights on in the pool.  It was a fun and relaxing time.  I enjoyed chatting with my sister so much.  We got home late, went to bed late, and got up early for church.  Bekah played the offertory music.  She did such a beautiful job.  After church we all went to lunch.  We all piled in a circular booth at a local pizza parlor.  It was crazy, but a time I’ll never forget!  We went back home and saw them off.

They had become a part of our family.  Andrew told me Sunday night, “When someone comes and stays like that I just feel like they just need to go ahead and stay and live with us.”  I had to agree with him.  But I know my sister and her hubby were happy to have them back home.

Thanks, guys, for letting us have your babies for a week!  We enjoyed every minute of it.