It’s almost August, so the pressure is on!  This is what we have line up to do together:

Andrew – 2nd Grade

Language Arts – Horizons 2 Phonics & Reading and Horizons 2 Spelling & Vocab

Math – Horizons 2

Writing (I might have a hard time not using the term Penmanship!) – A Reason for Handwriting

Ethan – Kindergarten

Language Arts – Horizons K Phonics & Reading

Math – Horizons K

Writing – We’ll see how he does before I make a big plan on this one.  I may just have him do the same R for H that Andrew does.

Sam – PrePreK?

I still have a lot of work and thinking to do on this one.  I want him to have somewhat of a system just so it makes it easier for all of us.  I’m just not sure what that system is yet.  I love Tot School from 1+1+1=1 and her Tot Tray ideas.  So I may do that with some trays I purchased at Target. I love the Letter of the Week curriculum, so I will do some of that as well.  This is just more of a busy work time for him (with lots of learning and listening opportunities from the other boys doing their school).  I just want to include him in our school time and get him adjusted to our schedule.  He’s my baby, so I don’t want to rush him into anything!

For All 3 boys

Bible – I will use the HOP Bible pack Chad’s stepmom gave to me a while back.  I have used it some, but could definitely do more of this on a schedule.  I am also feeling the need to  spend a lot of time focusing on creation, which will be a great history lesson at the same time.  So I’ll have to do some more praying on this one.

Galloping the Globe – We had a great time with this one last year!  This covers a lot, including a lot more than just geography!  We incorporate literature, science, art, Bible, and more.  The countries I have chosen this year so far are:  Brazil, Italy, Germany and China.  We will also be doing more Christmas around the world.

Health – We will be using Horizons 1st grade health curriculum together.  I didn’t do health last year, so I thought we could start here.

Science – A lot will be done using GTG, but Chad and I also want to have a “science night with daddy” on a weekday evening.  They will love that!  We could easily go through one concept at a time using Usborne’s How Things Work.

I am working on a “Morning Notebook” instead of a board to save space.  In that notebook we will have the calendar, including (and still working on this) the counting of 100 days, temperatureskip counting, and Godly Character Traits.  BTW…I am so delighted that so many people have downloaded this (2,877 to be exact!).  It’s amazing for me to think that so many children might be taught these this upcoming year.  To God be the Glory!  I also have a neat devotional book to use each morning.  I like it because it has 180 days!

Speaking of 180 days…We plan to start after Labor Day.  Our Horizons curriculum has 160 lessons.  So after laying it all out with holiday breaks,etc, I came up with 170.  So 10 of those days will not include Horizons work (around the holidays).  I will make up the 10 more needed by doing a Saturday each month as a field trip or some other kind of learning opportunity!  I could easily count a ton of days this summer if I wanted to.  I love being flexible and relaxed (pretty much!) about it all.

We will also be involved in our Co-Op next year.  We love that and it just gets better!!

In all this planning, what really matters?  What really matters to me is that I am fulfilling my purpose as a mom and teacher to my children.  I pray that I am planning the right things.  I want to raise up Godly little men.  In Proverbs 16:3 it says, “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”  I want to make a commitment today for next year.  This upcoming school year is Yours, Lord!  I cannot do this on my own.  It goes on to say in verse 20, “…blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.”  I pray for that blessing to be bestowed upon our family and all the rest of our plans for next year.

‘Cause I gotta a lot to do.