It’s “School Room Week” at Heart of the Matter, so I wanted to share ours!

My nieces have been with me this week, so we got a lot done.  Well, it first started with my dear hubby getting our shelves done and up on the wall.  Love his heart!  Then they organized everything yesterday.  We are almost ready!

We do our schooling right in the dining/kitchen area.  Of course it would be nice to have a room dedicated to school stuff, but I love being all together all the time.  So we do most of our school work on the table, on the floor or on the couch with a clipboard!

I love the shelves on the wall.  They are Pottery Barn inspired.  We use these to display the unit we are studying.  The three shelves Chad built are from a Lowe’s plan.  The fun 123 organizing bins are from Ikea.