It’s week 4 at the  Not Back to School Blog Hop:  A Day in the Life Week.This is what our routine will hopefully look like:

We will begin on Labor Day (with Daddy home).   I do have a start time of 10, but other than that I have no time constraints.  I just know I would never follow such a thing!  We are a later living family.  Our boys don’t go to bed until later, therefore they get up later.  Then everything is pushed back.  I’m fine with that!  It’s the way it works around here!

A – 2nd Grade/ E – Kindergarten /  Sam – PreK

Devotions @ Breakfast

-Circle Time (Morning Notebook)  – all of us

-Electives – all of us from my lesson plans (varies in activities each day, but always includes reading together!)

-Handwriting for A&E; Samuel Tray 1

-Math for A&E; Samuel Tray 2

Play until lunch


-Language Arts for A&E;  Samuel Tray 3 & 4

-Quiet Reading Time (30 min rest for all of us!)

-Play, play and more play! (while mommy tries to keep this house in order, of course!)

These are the boxes I have for A & E.  They have expandable file folders and hold a week’s worth of each of the main subjects listed here.

They also have a “completed” tray to help with the mess.  That was always my issue last year…a mess of completed work!

Samuel will have trays with fun learning things to work/play.

Like this fun activity I made out of water bottle caps!

We always incorporate bedtime books with what we are studying using the wonderful library.  Lots of time for playing inside and outside, cuddling, and instructing.

I’m getting both excited and nervous about our new year.  It’s about to start!  I’m just scared about getting back into the routine of things.   I’m just so thankful and so blessed to be able to educate my children here at home, with me.  I know I am doing what God has called me to do and He that began this good work in me will be faithful to complete it! (Philippians 1:6).

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