I am compiling a list of ideas to use for Sam’s tot trays.  These are to keep him busy while learning a little, too!  I also want him to get into our routine of school time.  Last year he was napping, but those naps are long gone.

I’m sure I am missing some!  I want to be able to use this list so I can easily fill his trays each day.

Power Magnets with Letter sheets, Magnets, Counting Blocks, Gluing Shapes Box, Books, Links, Geo Board, Ice Cream Bucket, Playdoh, Puzzles, Leapster, Coloring, Easel Painting, Worksheets, Trios, Stamps, Paper Clip matching, Kumon Books, Aqua Doodle Mat, Bottle lid names, file folder games…anything else I can add that I might already have??

Wednesday we got some new things from the teacher supply store here in town.  Oh, how I love that store.  I let all three of them play with them so there wasn’t a sudden interest in what Samuel was doing while we were attempting to get Andrew and Ethan’s school work done.  I think they had fun.  So now they have that out of their system, for a while anyway!

These are the new Linking Shapes

Ethan especially loved the Geo Board

This is the Counting Shapes box I made.  I got this idea from somewhere that I can’t find anymore.  It’s using a Playmobil carrying case.  Samuel loves to paste things onto paper, so these are just shapes I cut out for him to use.

This is the ice cream bucket.  Samuel can scoop and sort from the blue bucket into the small buckets.  He already loves it, and so did his brothers!  Good busy fun!

I could never have it all ready or really have all I wanted to have.  What’s most important is that we are here and we are together.   Isn’t there so much to learn just living with each other?  Oh my, there is.

I have a busy weekend before school starts on Monday.  I need to make my treasure hunt and then it’s a go!

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