We had a fun weekend around here!

Friday night we set up camp in our backyard!  We had a cozy little site out there. We roasted hot dogs for dinner and stayed out there all evening.

The boys loved it.  Andrew said that we should do this every Friday night.  Chad, Ethan and Samuel were fast asleep.  It was the cutest thing to see.  I was very relaxed but wasn’t so sure I would go to sleep at all!  Then Andrew crawled over and said he wanted to go inside and sleep!  Ok, let’s go!  So we went to my bed and fell asleep.  The other boys made it all night and had a great time.

Saturday we went to meet our pastor and another guy from church at our new location.  It’s amazing what they have done.  We will be moving in 3 weeks.  Hooray!

From there, we went to the apple orchard.  I packed a picnic lunch.  It was time to eat when we got there.  Then we were off to pick apples!

We had a really fun time together, except when Andrew slipped out of the apple tree!  We made the carmel apples on Sunday.  We have lots of apples to eat and to make some good stuff with.  I might have to make more apple butter to freeze.  My boys love it!

We spent Saturday evening around here.  Chad has some woodworking projects to work on.  I went to a friend’s to help paint.

Sunday was a busy day.  Our pastor preached an excellent sermon.  One thing that I really liked that he said and never thought about was Psalm 37:4 where it says, “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”  But what does that mean?  His examples have been the same thoughts as mine at times…delight yourself in the Lord and He’ll give you the things you want (his example was a new car).  Wait a minute, that’s not right.  It doesn’t work that way.  If you delight yourself in Him, He will change your desires and it won’t be a new car you wish to have, but something more “spiritual”.  He does these things, but there’s more.  If we delight ourselves in the Lord, our desire will be to know Him more.  That has always been there and is the whole purpose of who we are…to know God and glorify Him.

We took two of the pastor’s boys home with us.  All 5 of them had a blast playing around outside.  Chad’s dad came over for a visit and then I went for a church meeting.  After that, I ran some errands.  So it was a busy day!

We will be getting our school done this morning and then taking school on the road for tomorrow.  We are going camping with Chad’s dad and stepmom.  I will be ready to relax!