The weekend around here was definitely different than it usually is.

My dad had his surgery scheduled for Friday morning, so I drove over to my parents’ on Thursday evening.  I dreaded this trip so badly because I had nothing to really look forward to, or so I thought.  Little did I know we were all about to receive a special blessing from the Lord.

Dad’s surgery lasted a long 4 hours.  He was in the recovery room for over 2 hours.  We were starting to get really worried, but apparently he was “loud and combative” while coming off the anesthesia.  We won’t let him live that one down, of course.  :)  But the great news that finally came from the doctor was that the “mass” he found was a cyst that had probably been there, ruptured maybe even more than once and then grew back and entangled itself all around nerves, causing him so much pain and discomfort.  He is expected a full recovery and should be feeling even better than when he went in!  Only God!!

We also had some fun laughs.  That usually happens when we are all together, especially when my brother is around.  My two sisters and him were there.  We’ll never forget the pink socks…

My brother teased my dad about having pink socks on after he was prepped for surgery.  He thought Joel was serious and we laughed about it.  So before my dad was completely with it, Joel slipped these socks on him.  Later that afternoon he my dad discovered them and we all had a good laugh.  My dad also wanted a pickle (from Cracker Barrel) to sooth his dry mouth.  Heehee.

Dad came home Saturday afternoon.  That, to me, is nothing short of a miracle.  He’s healthy to begin with, but the Lord God Himself was with my dad, and brought him through.  For that we say THANK YOU!!

I am grateful for such a wonderful family unit.  We may not communicate as much as I would like, but when we get together it is sweet fellowship.  I really enjoyed my time over there with everyone.  Good times with my parents and my brothers and sisters I’ll cherish.

I was happy to arrive home on Sunday evening.  Chad had flowers waiting for me, the house was clean and they were all smiling and happy to have me home.  I am thankful for such a loving and involved husband that would do this for me.  Thanks, baby.  I love you!  And the worst thing that the happened here was the fact that Ethan had Samuel’s pants on and Samuel had Ethan’s on when I got home!   Haha, not bad I’d say.

Thanks to everyone who brought my dad before the Lord in prayer.  It really means a whole lot.