We had a little bit of a crazy week!  Monday was hard getting back into it all after the busy weekend, but we managed!  Then Wednesday was the co-op field trip and a visit from Chad’s mom.  I love being flexible, though.  It all comes together!

Here are some of the things Samuel did this week…

Here he is gluing shapes on paper from his Shapes Box.

He likes sorting sizes of “ice cream scoops” into buckets.

He and Andrew went on a field trip to the Ganassi Racing garage and office.  Daddy and Papaw went and had a great time.  Ethan and I stayed home because he wasn’t feeling well.

The Leapster is always a favorite to find in his tray!

We finished our studies on Creation and Intro to Geography.  Samuel always participates in most of that.  I plan to share a little more on those things later!

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