It’s hard to believe we have been in school for over a month now!  We started light with our geography studies, reviewing a lot of what we did last year.  We started out a lot of the same way.  We are doing Galloping the Globe again this year.  I am excited the countries I have planned out.   I tied the Intro to Geo in with Bible learning a lot about creation.

Here are a few of things we did!

We began  the month with a treasure hunt.

We made simple picture maps of our yard, our neighborhood and our city.

My boys love to sing and dance to the continents song from this Geography Songs CD. It is a great way for them to learn the continents and oceans!  We had a dance to it last year, and they remembered it!

We watched the Global Wonders Around the World DVD.

We put together a world map puzzle.

I love this book my mom got for the boys.  It’s so sweet.  It has an adorable little story.  Each page says “For God so loved the World”  in a different language.  They really liked it.

We did some creation crafts.  Here is Samuel painting some beautiful sky pictures on the easel.

We read (or started) lots of books on geography and creation.

Here are some of the books that were on our shelves:

The Bible – the greatest story of all!

The World God Made

Song of Creation

You’re Aboard Spaceship Earth

Our World – National Geographic

Me On the Map

Geography From A to Z

Looking at Maps

There’s a Map on My Lap

We also made a creation book and drew several different animals God created using Draw Then Write.  We love that book!  I have a drawing lesson on the easel.  They draw it on their own paper.  We plan to make a little booklet of all their drawings.

We have a subscription with Netflix, so we ordered all three of the Creatures That Defy Evolution movies.   We LOVED these videos.  The boys really got into them.  Everything points back to one amazing designer and creator…GOD.   Love it.

We started our studies on Brazil this week!