It’s been all about pumpkins and apple pie here!  We love the fall!

We made some apple pie play dough using this recipe.  Samuel wanted it green to look like a green apple.  They had a great time playing with it and will during the fall season.

Samuel helped me make an apple pie that big brother begged me to make after we made the play dough.  Here he is kneeding the pie crust.

He sampled lots of the apples before they went into the pie.  Mmmm…can you blame him??

I put together a fall sensory box using lentils, fake leaves, fake acorns, little pumpkin treat  holders and pumpkin carving scoops.  The boys loved this.  They pretended that the lentils were beans or corn.

Tractors and combines are a huge hit around here, especially after they went harvesting with Daddy and some friends.  And the weather has been beautiful this week, so they are out harvesting in the (dead) grass.

We made this adorable fall trees using paper towel rolls.  Read here on how to do this cute craft!

Samuel made a fall tree using the activity book, Snip It! He loves to cut.

My favorite fall book…

Other fall books:

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