We had a very busy and very social weekend.  It started on Friday morning with a trip to the art museum!

We went with two other friends and their children.  We had a free scheduled tour to see “Animals In Art.”   Here are my boys in the museum entrance.

They all enjoyed the tour and did real well.  Our tour guide was perfect.  The most memorable part of the museum was this…

Yep, we got stuck in an elevator!  It was a tiny one with three ladies and eight children stuffed in it!  Of course, they all thought it was great and would probably do it all over again.  Me?  Not so much.

From there we headed to the 100 Acre Park that is part of the museum.  The children enjoyed climbing on all sorts of art.

I love those boys.

Then we had a picnic in the grass.  It was a great fieldtrip, but most enjoyable because we were with friends.

Friday evening another friend and I decided to combine our pantries and have dinner together.  So her and her five kiddos came, we made dinner and we hung out.  Great times.

Saturday we finished up a garage sale at our dear neighbor’s house.  We all made some money.  I appreciate them doing that for us.  We love our neighbors!!  Chad had several things to do for church and helping out friends.  I was beat, so I took off to grab us some dinner and head to the store and then meet Chad.  We ended up eating dinner with Melanie and her children.  Two moms and eight kids gets you some  strange looks at Bob Evans and Walmart!  They came back here, we hung out and then we all crashed.

Sunday was our church’s first day at our new location!  Hooray!  We are so thrilled about the move.  God has blessed us with a great place.  We celebrated by having some friends from church come over.  We ordered chicken, visited together and watched the Colts game.

So lots of time with friends this weekend.  We are so blessed to have such good and godly ones.  They are so precious to us.

I hope you had great October weekend!