We celebrated Chad’s birthday this weekend!  Chad took off a half day on Friday.  He came home to these three cuties hiding behind the island waiting with balloons and birthday surprises!

Friday evening his mom and step dad came.  We ordered pizza, watched a movie and of course, had cake!

Saturday I ran out to run several errands.  Chad and the boys worked around the house.  Chad’s dad came that afternoon, and then his stepmom came.  We had a nice time visiting.  We celebrated Chad’s birthday again, as well as Nana’s!

Sunday was a relaxing day around the house, mostly.  We are enjoying our new church location!

We will be doing three days of school this week, and then taking it on the road!  We are going camping for a Halloween weekend.  We had tons of fun last year, and look forward to it again this year.  We are going with a different couple from church and are really excited about it!

Wishing you a great week ahead!