We are studying Brazil right now using Galloping the Globe.  This is one super simple project we just finished up!  You could do this with any country, with any filler.  Fun!

First, find some clear little containers.  I found these cute Glad Mini Rounds at Walmart.  Water down some glue and paint the inside of the container.  Take little squares of cut up tissue paper and place them on the glue, overlapping the pieces.  Just keep it away from the top where the lid snaps on!  Let that dry.

Now fill your little containers with coffee beans, or the filler of your choice!

Place the lid on.  And there you have it…cute little music shakers!  Turn on some music and get shakin’!

YouTube has some good Brazilian music to shake to!

I will be posting more on our Brazil/Rain Forest studies at the end of the month!