We had an absolutely wonderful time camping this past weekend.  The leaves were so beautiful.  The Lord blessed us with awesome weather.  It was just fun.

The campground goes all out for the weekend.  The place is packed with campsites that are decked out in decorations.  They also have a lot of fun activities for the children to do.  They have a “Raccowl Egg Hunt” on Friday evening.    Later that evening we went to the amphitheater to watch Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin.  Saturday they bring in pumpkins for the children to carve and have other fun things for them to do.

Saturday evening is the trick or treating!  That’s always the best fun for them!

A couple from our church and their boy went with us.  It was so nice getting to spend time with them.  They are super fun to be around.  They slept in their tent and the rest of us were in Papaw’s RV.  We cooked all of our meals on the fire.  We had a blast as you can see in all the pictures.  Click on them to enlarge!  I love the camp life.  It’s so relaxing.  I hardly looked at the clock and never missed a thing here at home!  Thanks, Papaw, for a fantastic camp weekend! (and btw…that’s Papaw glowing in the black lights he decorated with! cool!)