I am really getting into this Galloping the Globe …even more than I did last year!  We are only doing a country a month.  I think that’s just about right for my little guys.  I don’t have to rush to get on with the next one, and we can cover a whole lot in a month’s time!  We are having a blast with it!  All three boys, ages 7, 5 and 3 participated in everything!

To begin our Brazil studies, we boarded the red blankie airplane.  Here’s Andrew on board with Oliver.  He couldn’t stand to leave him behind!

They arrived safely and we stamped passports with flag stickers.

We colored flags and label the map using great printables from Homeschool Creations.

We learned about cocoa beans that are grown in Brazil.  We watched a video on the Hershey’s website on chocolate making.  Then we made some Brazilian chocolate candy called Brigadeiros.

We ate oranges for dinner a couple of nights in a row.  There are more oranges grown in Brazil than in any other place!  The produce stickers said they were from Africa, but they didn’t need  to know that!!  They wanted to act like rainforest monkeys, anyway.

We made Coffee Bean Music Makers and shook to Brazilian music!  This was fun!

We played some soccer since this sport is so popular in Brazil.

We made some Carnival Masks, and idea from Celebrate! Holidays Around the World.

We drew monkeys using Draw Then Write.

We ate a delicious Brazilian meal!  I made these recipes for Brazilian Pork Ribs and Brazilian White Rice.  We also had Brazilian lemonade!  Yum!  We listened to some beautiful praise and worship music sung in Portuguese via YouTube.

We learned all about the rainforest.  There’s so much to do with this alone!

There are many animals we learned about.  Capybaras was one of them.  We saw a lady on the news that had a pet one, so we watched some video of that here.

Mamaw bought us some fake tarantulas.  Yuck!

We watched The Magic School Bus:  In the Rainforest.  Did you know this is on the Qubo channel?

We watched a Netflix movie – Totally Tropical Rainforest.

I’m in love with Toob Animals.  We got the rainforest set!

We put together a Melissa & Doug rainforest puzzle.  I made labels for Andrew to place on the puzzle.

We painted lovely pictures of a rainforest using the idea from the Usborne book.

One animal we learned about was the sloth!  I made this to share from this book.

We even made our out little rainforest.  I found plants from Lowe’s that originated from Brazil!  They include the Philodendron and the Sansevieria.  We also added a fun Pitcher Plant!  The boys placed some of the animals in there, as well.  We placed a bag of decorative rocks at the bottom of this neat container I found for cheap.  It’s perfect for our mini rainforest!  We added soil and then the plants!

Chad made them some flutes to blow on.  They really liked those.  Watch this YouTube video to see how to do it.  It’s not Portuguese, but it fit well with our study!

There were many great books on our bookshelf from the library and from friends.  We became quite attached to them and hated to give them back!

Some books we read:

South America


Count Your Way Through Brazil

Welcome to the Greenhouse

The Great Kapok Tree

Stories From Around the World

Rainforests: An Activity Guide

Favorites offered by Geography Matters:

Children Just Like Me

Geography from A to Z

Eat Your Way Around the World

Marvels of Creation

and more!

We also read a neat article from a missionary magazine about an MK from Brazil.  They really enjoyed relating to him!

This is a really neat missionary story, too!  A must read!

So a packed full month of fun activities.  My boys really enjoyed it all!

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