We finally got Andrew and Ethan’s Star Wars room done!

I was able to do it at a very low cost, too!

First, I painted the room a gray color with my free gallon of paint.

My first idea was painting chalk board paint as a border around the room…

It’s hard to get a picture of all of it.  The other walls have the names of each of the Star Wars movies written in chalk.

We hung up some little shelves from Target and decorated them with all things Star Wars.

This is one of my favorite parts of the room!  It’s the one Bible verse that came to my mind when thinking about Star Wars….good vs. evil.  It’s Romans 12:21 – “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  I made the file and had it printed at a local printing company because of the amount of black ink.  Download it here:  Star Wars Bible Verse Picture

I made several pictures to decorate the room with.  I used a Star Wars scrapbook kit with paper and some really cool stickers to create these!  Cheap!

I purchased this poster from Walmart and framed it.

I got this neat shelving unit and Bed, Bath & Beyond for $10 on clearance!  It works great in their room for storing toys.  Star Wars ones!

Chad built this shelf to hang above their closet.  They have their Star Wars Lego models up there.

The closet is big and used for toys (as well as clothes), so we took the doors off a while back to open the room.  There are built-in shelves that my talented hubby put in.  I haven’t taken a picture of that yet because, well…because it’s rarely clean!  I do have gray storage baskets in there for toys.  This is all you get to see on those…

They love their cozy Star Wars blankets.  We used plain gray and black sheets for the bunk beds.  I mixed them up giving one a black sheet with a gray pillowcase and so on.  The Pottery Barn ones are what I really wanted, but sometimes you just can’t have it all!

And finally, I found this little memo board in the dollar section at Target.  This is what they tell me every night when we say goodnight, so I had to write that on there.  I snuck it on the wall one day and they loved it, so that is what is still written on there.

I found a fun Star Wars room light that you hang on the wall, but shhh…that’s for Christmas!

So a really cheap makeover for a room that my boys LOVE!