We had a excellent study of magnets the month of October.  Lessons mainly took place with Daddy teaching on Tuesday evenings.  The boys really like their private science lessons!  I do, too!

I purchased some very helpful magnet resources from Teacher’s Clubhouse.  They have some fun science studies that provide you with activities and worksheets.  So I based my unit study off of six of those pages.

The first week we learned about magnetic poles.  We used the activity sheet called “Where’s My Strength?” and “Do Opposites Attract?”.

We read What Makes a Magnet and did some simple experiments inside this book.

The second week was about magnetic attraction.  We used activities “Exploring Magnetic Attraction” and “Marvelous Magnets”.

We read the book Magnets:  Pulling Together, Pushing Apart.

The third week was on magnetic force.  We worked through “Through it All”  and used the “Magnetic Pictures”.  We also had fun “Making Magnetic Patterns”.  We used the haunted house print out to move the figures around.  We also used Wooly Willy and another magnetic filings case we had bought from Nature’s Workshop a while back.  I love having that store so close by!

We read the book Experiments With Magnets.

The final week of our magnet study was a review of what we had learned.  Andrew took the “Magnets Test” and had a perfect score!

My MIL found a neat kit to go along with our studies.  We had a lot of fun with that! It’s packed full of experiments with a wonderful book that goes along with it.

I made this to tie into our learning.  Such a simple, yet very powerful truth.

“Connected” is the name of Chapter 26 in Faith Filled Moments.  It relates magnetizing nails and paperclips to discover how being connected to Jesus changes us.  Love it.

We watched a Discovery Education video and the boys played with many of our magnetic toys we have around the house.

This was a fun-filled unit study!