We have several things planned for the Thanksgiving season.  I thought I would share a few with you!

We made a “Give Thanks” using Family Fun’s idea.  The boys loved gathering all the materials from outside.  I love how it makes our kitchen feel.

And did you know what is in the words Give Thanks?  givE THANks.  Isn’t that neat?!?!  I never realized that until I was hanging this banner.

I really like this placemat, also from Family Fun.

I love my little pilgrim people.  I bought these last year after the holiday.  They live on our dining room table with us.

We made some pretty cute fingerprint turkeys.  They used their thumbs for the brown and all the other fingers for the feathers.  They loved the mess!  I used markers to color on their fingers because I didn’t have all those stamp colors.  I put them on a card and Andrew wrote the message.

Two of the Godly Character Traits we will focus in the next two weeks will be prayerful and thankful.

This is a neat resource we used last year during dinner time.  It’s from The Homeschool Magazine.  We are using it again this year!

We are going to a friend’s house next week to have a little “Thanksgiving Feast” together.  My boys will be the Indians and her children will be the Pilgrims.  We will both contribute to the event, just like the first Thanksgiving.  We have some fun things planned.  I’ll post more on that after it happens!

Some great books I suggest:

Thanksgiving Is For Giving Thanks

The First Thanksgiving

What Is Thanksgiving?

The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks

Just So Thankful

The Night Before Thanksgiving – A fun one!

Just be thankful!!!  And let your children see and hear how thankful you are.  They need to know that they are a precious gift from God!

This is also a great time to prepare your children for Christmas.  Talk to them about how blessed we are and that we don’t “need” that stuff that’s on their Christmas lists (or mommy’s list)!

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