My weekend posts are not happening until Wednesdays these days!

We did have a good one.  It just went by too quickly! Now half my week is gone!

Friday we got our school done and headed north to the Christmas tree farm.  They have a super fun store there that sells Playmobil.  My boys love to go for that, of course.  But they love visiting the Christmas shop and the train and model shop, too.  We have a Playmobil change jar.  It was ready to be emptied and the boys couldn’t be happier!  So they got to pick out some things. I also was able to sneek some Christmas gifts while Daddy distracted them!  We love Playmobil!  I think that maybe we should get an insurance policy on what we have!  It was funny because the sweet lady that owns the place told most families that shop there are homeschoolers!

Here they are ready to hunt!

Watching the trains…

And here is Ethan at home with his new PM toy.  I just love watching this boy play!

Saturday the boys and I spent most of the day here. We had two different friends from church come to play.  One was supposed to spend the night, but he didn’t quite make it.  Poor thing got sick and had to go home. Chad spent most of the day working at the church getting new sound equipment in place.

Sunday our pastor preached a good sermon on parenting.  It was very encouraging.  But because of the new equipment change it didn’t get recorded!  He was back at the church on Sunday afternoon.  He took the boys and let me get out and run around for a while.  That felt good.  The break was much  needed!  I so appreciate him doing that for me so often!  We came home that evening together and had some family time,  hot chocolate and all.  Chad and I just sat and listened to the sweet clanging noise of three little spoons in hot chocolate mugs.  It’s those times that you really wish you could just freeze in time.  Our children are such blessings…an amazing reward from the Lord.  And I love the cozy time that’s here…cold outside, warm inside.  Holidays coming.  Mmmm…my favorite time of year.