We had an awesome little Thanksgiving Feast.  It was just us and another friend and her children. My boys came as  the Indians.  Andrew named himself Squanto, Ethan was Massasoit and Samuel was Samoset.  Vicki’s children were the cutest Pilgrim children ever!  The kids were so excited about getting together for this fun event.  Vicki had some fun little Thanksgiving placemats for them to work on.  They loved that craft.  Her little pilgrim boy gave a report on a book he had read.  Vicki had some other great books that she read to the children.  I told them about the “five kernels of corn” and gave them a treat bag.

We all pitch in for the feast.  The children put together the fruit salad, including pomegranate.  They hand churned butter with an antique churn that my MIL had.  They thought that was really neat.  We spread it on cornbread.  Vicki made the adorable turkey cookies.  The children played a “pin the hat on the turkey” game.

We just had the best time ever and have agreed that we have to make this a tradition!

About being thankful…I am so thankful for the friendship we have with this dear family!  We hold so many of the same values and goals.  I just added another prayer here.  It fits perfectly for the special day we had together.  I value them as friends and am so glad we hold so many of the same standards for our children.

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