It’s our favorite time of year!  The time of waiting and preparing our hearts for Christmas!

The one thing my boys look most forward to during the Advent season is candlelight dinners with Grandma’s candle.
Andrew even drew a picture of it for co-op.  They were to tell about a Christmas tradition in their family.  They really like it and they never let you get by with not having it on during dinner, even if we are all around the island.  All the lights go out in the house.  All you see are those beautiful faces all lit up.  We can stop and be still during that time of the day and focus on the Light of the World who came to earth to save us.  I have a box of scripture relating to Jesus being the Light.  We will pull one out and read it together.  Of course, it’s always hard to turn the lights back on and realize the kitchen is still messy.  Sometimes it just makes you want to do nothing else for the evening.  And that is ok.

It’s always fun to countdown to Christmas with candy canes!  We had a similar one growing up.  That gives me warm memories.  So my mom found me this one that we have used in the last few years.

I love this book Chad got me last year.

There is so much packed in here, so I decided to only cover a few this season.  I don’t want to rush anything during this season.  So we chose to focus on the first few symbols of Christmas this year:  Advent, the tree, ornaments on the tree, and lights on the tree.   There are lots of great history stories each of those, and some super fun activities!

We love the  Playmobil Nativity Set we bought on our trip to the tree farm/Playmobil store.  We will use this in many ways during our Advent season.

One thing I will do with them starting next week (due to number of pieces) is take all the pieces away and hide one each day.  By Christmas morning, all the pieces will be together.  For some really strange reason I have this urge to do a little sewing!  That’s not  like me!  So I made this little bag to hide the pieces in.  No laughing!  It’s my first sewing project in a long, long time!

I asked Chad to make me an Advent candle holder.  He whipped this one up using these plans.  He amazes me!

I only had white candles when I took this picture yesterday.  During his lunch hour, my dear hubby ran all over town looking for pink and lavender candles! I never dreamed it would be such a task!

We started Jotham’s Journey this past Sunday.  The boys are really into the story.  We are, too!  After reading the story each night, we light a candle (each week a different one using the traditional Advent wreath candle lighting).  Another idea from the book is having your children walk back to their beds with only candlelight.  So we purchased some battery powered candles for them to use.  We light the appropriate Advent candle, read the story, pray and then walk back to bed with candles. (we throw in some fun by have them “blow out” the candle).  It’s such a special time.

And I love the smiles Christmastime brings!

Do you have any other neat ideas for this special time of year?

Psalm 62:5-6
My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.
He only is my rock and my salvation: He is my defense; I shall not be moved.

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