This has been a really fun place to study!  We all want to go there now!

Passports were stamped. (Andrew tries at cursive writing.  We aren’t there in our handwriting lessons, but he is trying!)

We painted the Australian flag.

We’ve “met” some wonderful missionaries through email communication.  One family in particular has been very helpful and very sweet!  Meet the Webers, missionaries to Australia.  Pray for them as the reach out across the world to tell others the good news of Jesus Christ!  Contact me and I would be happy to share some of the fun information Rachel has shared with me about Australia and their precious family.

We made Anzac Biscuits (cookies), using honey for the syrup.

Aboriginal art is made up of lots of dots!  So we all did some dot painting with round paintbrushes.

We were able to experience a variety of Aussie tastes thanks to Simply Australian!  Most of the treats were well liked.  The Vegemite…not so much.  We didn’t get past smelling that stuff!  The boys could not believe that Australian children use this stuff like Americans use peanut butter!

Slang words…enjoyed using those around the house.  Their favorite was “up a gum tree” for “you’re in trouble!”  Some more on our list:

Tucker – Food;  G’day – Hello or Good Day;  Mate – Friend; Ta – Goodbye;  Onkey-Dorey – Good; Dinky-do – The Real Thing

We read about the amazing platypus animal that’s only found in Australia.  I made this file from the book More Five-Minute Devotions for Children.

We learned a lot about marsupials!  They really enjoyed learning about kangaroos and koalas.  We even have two Playmobil Kangaroos with Joeys.  They love these little things, and so do I!  I even stumbled across some Kangaroo Pita Pockets for super cheap at Kroger, so we had those for lunch one day!  Daddy taught his Friday art lesson one week on koalas using Draw Then Write.  We bought some eucalyptus to smell!

We watched two Netflix videos:  Wildest Australia and Discovery Atlas: Australia Revealed.  Good shows!

Another art project we did was rock painting, again like the Aborgines Indians.  First, find some nice flat stones.  We couldn’t find any around the house, so I bought some for cheap at a craft store.  Lay them on a baking sheet covered with foil.  Bake for 2 hours at 200 degrees to slowly warm them up.  Remove carefully and place them on newspaper.  Pressing crayons on them will cause the wax to melt and make beautiful colors.  Let them cool. They cool down pretty quickly, but I waited until the next day to let the boys play with them.  They loved this activity!

For our “feed” one evening we had Australian pork chops using Hoi Sin sauce sent from Simply Australian.  Those were good!  We had a vegetable (they eat several per meal) and some Damper Bread.  That was like our version of biscuits!

We are also learning about Christmas in Australia.  It’s Christmas on the beach there, complete with swimming and outdoor BBQs.  How different!  Andrew will be presenting Australia at our Christmas Around the World co-op program.  We will be sharing Tim Tam that we found at Kroger!

And I bought this book at Amazon.  Great Christmas story!

We did a whole lot of reading!

Here are some of the books on our shelves:

A Look at Australia

Countries of the World – Australia

Australia and Oceania

The Most Fascinating Places on Earth – Sydney Opera House, Uluru & The Great Barrier Reef

Children Just Like Me

Marvels of Creation – Koala and Kangaroo


Marsupial Sue

What do you do with a Grumpy Kangaroo?

The Very Boastful Kangaroo


Stories From Around the World – Australia

and more!

Many ideas came from the Galloping the Globe geography curriculum.  We love it!