We are learning about the Christmas tree this week during our ADVENTures of Christmas using this book.  It’s been a fun and relaxing week.  Pretty cold with snow outside, so we were happy to stay in most of the week.

We read the chapter on the Christmas tree, explaining a story about a missionary being the first person to use the evergreen tree as a symbol for God.  So we talked about that and drew the shape of a triangle explaining the Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  The book explains how the Christmas tree is a beautiful reminder of why Jesus was born in the first place – to die for you and me.   I Peter 2:24 says He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness.

So we decorated Christmas trees that I had cut out.  I made a little tree skirt for them.

I made some Christmas dough for the boys to play with.  I added red food coloring, red glitter and peppermint flavoring.  My boys could do this play all day, just like I was when I was a kid.  They cut out trees for this week!

They also love playing the We Wish You a Merry Christmas Wii game!  It really is cute.  We got it last year right before Christmas.  So this year they really got into the Advent calendar and decorating their Christmas tree.  Andrew even “sent” a letter to Santa from his brothers through this game.  Cute.  Samuel was decorating his tree with blue lights here…his favorite color.

We made “cone-ifers” using the idea suggested in the book.  You use sugar ice cream cones, icing and decorations to make your masterpiece!  They sure enjoyed doing this!  Especially after dinner when they got to eat them!  Of course, they didn’t eat the star.  It’s a pompom!

Here’s Samuel coloring a Christmas tree and marble painting with Christmas colors.

Another idea from the book is making an Animal Christmas Tree.  That fit nicely with the bird feeder we made this past weekend.  We also fed them in many other ways.  One way was popcorn!  I asked the boys one evening if they wanted to pop some corn for the birds.  Samuel acted a little bothered and then said to me, “I want to make popcorn that’s for people!”  We did both, and they were happy.

I caught my sweet baby watching the birds…

The boys loved the song “Little Pine Tree” from 1+1+1=1’s  Christmas songs download. We sang that all week!

Because we learned about Christmas trees and evergreens in general, we went on an adventure around the neighborhood looking for some!  We found several different kinds and also picked up some pine cones.  It was some great, cold fun!  We made one swag from our findings, and plan to make a wreath!

In our Friday drawing lesson we drew a Christmas tree forest full of trees.  I told them to draw several and then pick your favorite to have as your Christmas tree.  Ethan loaded his up in Daddy’s truck, complete with a star on top. What sweetness.

We read several Christmas books this week.  My favorite was Christmas Tree Memories.

We watched The Very First Noel one very cold evening.  I love to sit in here with all four of my boys.

We decorated their little tree in the family room some more.  We will make some ornaments soon!

We had a super fun Christmas party with our co-op!  We decorated cookies to share with others, made ornaments for our nursing home caroling next week and just enjoyed being together and celebrating this joyous occasion!

It was a great ADVENTure!

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