It’s definitely winter and feeling like Christmas around here!

Friday night we had a great time together with some friends of ours.  We ordered pizza, hung out and watched a movie together.  They brought Christmas presents, too, so the boys were really excited!  I love this family.  There’s a new addition this year…Mitchel’s girlfriend.  And she is a doll!

Saturday I did some running around and then went to a baby shower of a friend in our co-op.  She has three girls and is delighted to celebrate the birth of her son!  After the shower, I did some more shopping.  We got their Children’s Place Christmas pjs.  We have done this for the last couple of years…

This is the first time all three of them have looked the same…

I can hardly take all the love I feel when I see them together like this!!!  What an incredible blessing they are!

Our church service on Sunday was wonderful, complete with Christmas carols and beautiful snow falling down.  Andrew brought a friend home.  They played out in the snow and came in and played the rest of the day.  We stayed right here because the weather was not so good!  I am glad Chad had off today!

Wishing you a great week, full of surprises from Your Heavenly Father!