This week we learned about lights on the Christmas tree!

We started off by reading the story of Martin Luther in The ADVENTures of Christmas book.  One evening Martin Luther was walking alone in a forest one evening one December night.  As he made his way home, the stars twinkled with brightness like never before.  When he passed under the rustling branches of the evergreens, it seem to him that miniature  stars were dancing in the trees all around him.  Luther was overwhelmed by the awesome beauty of God’s creation.  The legend goes on to say that he chopped down a small fir tree, and to capture that memory he lit the tree with candles.  And that is why we light our tree with Christmas lights!

Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”

Here are our activities for the week:

We made a light bulb ornament.  We painted the lightbulb, glued on eyes, a pompom nose and tied on a ribbon.  Easy and so cute!

I surprised the boys with these little cakes lit with candles, just like the story!  I wanted to do the suggested activity from the book where you make a Christmas tree cake, decorate it with sugar cubes and light them on fire, but my oven is on the fritz!  So I went with this.  Much easier, and the smiles on these boys told me they were just as happy!

We made some candle art by cutting pieces of paper and gluing them together! Simple stuff, yet the boys loved it!  They wanted to put the stars on to remind them of the stars that Martin Luther saw.

They played in the snow several times this week!  Here’s my Ethan all cute as can be in his suit.  I think their favorite part about going out in the cold is coming in for hot cocoa!

This is one of my favorite songs that we always listen to during Christmas time- Light Your World by Newsong.  We talked about being lights for Jesus.

We went to a local nursing home on Wednesday with our co-op group.  Our goal was to shine the Light of Jesus!  I think the people there were blessed, but I know we were!

Samuel did a lot of fun stuff from the Nativity Preschool Pack we downloaded.  I laminated most of it and we love it all!

He also did the “J” for Jesus Power Magnet sheet and the “S” for Snowman.

Andrew really got in to the Christmas card collage making.  He made three of them!  Here is one…

We had our co-op Christmas program on Thursday evening.  It was really special.  Each of the 2nd graders put together a display of a specific country to go with our “Christmas Around the World” theme.  They also did presentations, along with Christmas songs in Spanish and other Christmas carols and Bible scripture quoting.  I just love our little co-op family!

To finish off our week on Christmas lights, we took a drive to see them after a church Christmas party on Friday night.  We drove to one in particular because it had Christmas lights to music.  The boys loved that and are begging to go back!

We are on Christmas break, with the exception of learning some fun things about Christmas ornaments.  We will probably be doing that at Grandma and Grandpa’s next week!

Here are some of the books we read this week:

Christmas In Other Lands

The Story of Christmas

Waiting for Christmas

Story of the Nativity

Santa’s Little Helper

What is Christmas?

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