We had a holiday fun-filled weekend!

Friday evening we went to a church Christmas party.  The home we went to was absolutely gorgeous!!  We had some great food and great fellowship while playing Christmas Jeopardy.  We had a hoot!  It was one of those times that I had to stop and realize how blessed we are with such a loving church family.  I felt the same at our ladies’ party this past week.

After the party we drove around looking at Christmas lights, got in way too late, but made time for our Jotham’s Journey advent story.  It’s coming to an end with Christmas nearing!

Saturday I spent most of the day here around the house.  Andrew and Chad went out to a movie with some friends.  We got a call from my brother.  They were heading to Chicago to visit the Pacific Garden Mission.    They had a load of goods to take up there.  They wanted to come by on their way back home on Sunday!  What a surprise!

So Sunday morning I get a call that they wanted to join us at church!  We were so excited!  We had a beautiful church service.   We had planned a get together with some friends, so they came.  We all had lunch together…all 16 of us!  That day was such a blessing from the Lord.

We are headed to Ohio to spend some time with my family!

Have a wonderful Christmas week!