We had a very blessed Christmas holiday!

As always, here are many pictures to share with you! (click on each collage to see all the fun!)

Christmas Eve we went to Chad’s mom’s house for a family get together.  We had a really fun time!  It was a beautiful white and snowy day!

It was later when we left there, so I read the Christmas story from the Bible on the way home.  I guess because we do that each night, Samuel says “I’ll pray”.  So we did, and it was quite special.  We read our story, prayed again and put them to bed.  I was having a little heart to heart with Andrew and Ethan while they were in their bed.  I told them that the best thing we could give Jesus is our hearts.  Ethan was ready to ask Jesus into his heart, so we prayed.  What a blessing that was, especially on Christmas Eve!  I praise God for His Gift of Salvation and so thankful that my children have chosen to receive it.  Nothing warms my heart more than to know that my children know the Lord.

Christmas morning was a blast, of course!  The boys got up around 830.  I was dying for them to way before that!!  We all gathered in our bed and read the last of the Jotham story and prayed together.  Then it was off to the living room!  Chad’s dad came and spent most of the day with us.  We blew out candles on a birthday cake for Jesus!

Sunday we had another beautiful church service.  Later Sunday evening we had some friends over to celebrate Christmas with them.  That was special, as time always is with them.

Monday we headed over to Chad’s dad’s house for Christmas there!

And it’s not over yet!  My brother, two sisters and their families are coming on Saturday for a Christmas celebration.  I can’t wait!