I am still alive!  I’m just trying to recover from all the holiday fun and craziness!

Friday evening my sister, her hubby and their five children came in.  We had a great time of visiting.  We all rang in the New Year together.  I got out eight pots and eight spoons for the strike of midnight.  They loved, loved, loved it and we adults had a big headache!  We woke up Saturday morning preparing for the big party that was about to happen.  My older sister and their family were on their way.  They were bringing my mom with them.  My brother and his family were on their way.  I was so thrilled to know everyone really was going to make it!!  We always have Christmas in Ohio, so this was a first for us.  The only people missing was a brother and his family in Florida.  :(

They all arrived and the fun quickly began!  I served a big taco salad lunch.  We opened presents. We played games.  We laughed, talked and laughed some more.  I couldn’t help but just be in complete bliss that I had everyone here at my house together!  It really was such an amazing blessing from the Lord.  I’ll never forget this time.

Here are a few pictures.  I especially love the one of my mom with all the grandkids.  There’s 15 there.  She has 17.  I know she enjoyed that chance to sit with them on one couch!

So thanks, my dear family, for already making my 2011 a year to remember!

And may yours be a great one, too!  The Lord bless you and keep you!