Good weekend around here.  Things are starting to slow down, so that’s nice!  We had our last Christmas gathering at Chad’s aunt’s home.  We had a great time.  It’s always good to see everyone again!  We have decided that we really need to get together more often!  Chad’s dad always has some kind of gag gift for someone.  The luck recipient was his brother this year.  Duck tape underwear!  He’s so crazy!  The kids had a blast playing with their cousins and their new toys.

We went to Chad’s mom’s after leaving there and stayed way too late!  We watched the Colts game, hung out and ate more food!

Sunday we had a great church service.  Sorry if I say that each weekend post, but it’s true!  Listen to Pastor Dan’s sermon here.  Andrew went home with them to play with their son.  I am happy that they are getting to be good friends.  I went to a baby shower for a young girl in our church that afternoon.  We had a blast!  It’s weird how suddenly I am a part of that older and more seasoned group.  Can someone tell me how that happened?!?  Anyway, we all told our stories, gave our advice and laughed until we all fell on the floor.  It was a super fun time, one I probably will never forget!  It’s so great to be surrounded by such fun and godly women who love the Lord.

I did quite a bit of shopping this weekend spending some Christmas gift cards.  I would be up for that every weekend!

We started off our week at a friend’s house.  We had such a nice time talking while the children played.  She is always such a delight to talk to, not to mention her yummo food she always fixes.  I’ve got to get your soup recipe, Vicki!  She always blesses our socks off in more ways than one!

Have a great week, everyone!