I have a goal to be more THANKFUL this year.  Sounds simple, yet it’s a constant battle.  Why on earth should it be for me?  I really feel blessed, but often I forget where the true treasure lies. And it’s not in THINGS.

First things first…I have another goal to get up earlier like I used to.  I can spend some time with my man, and then I can spend some alone time with my Lord.  I have missed that quiet time of prayer, reading and reflection.  I usually do it when the boys are already awake.  And it just isn’t the same.

So yesterday it was good.  Just good.  I was in prayer thanking God for my many blessings and our goodnight song came to my heart.  So I wrote down the chorus to the song and listed only some of the things He has done for me.  It would take many more pages than just this, but I put on there what was brought to my mind during that moment.  So I made a file to print out and do this every so often.  It’s good for the soul.  Try it!  It’s right here…